Scream! was a weekly British comic that ran from March to June of 1984 and featured horror stories.  It  only lasted 15 issues before it was cancelled.  It would merge with Eagle later that year, receiving very much the secondary billing with only two stories, The Thirteenth Floor and Monster, surviving.  Eventually though, Eagle would drop both stories and by February 1987 Scream!, as a weekly release at least, was done.

IPC would bring it back for four Holiday Specials from 1985 to 1988 and then a last Scream! branded special, called Spinechillers, would be released in 1989 albeit with no recognisable stories.

Then it went quiet.  The readers moved onto Transformers, computer games, girls, alcohol, jobs and mortgages and the legend was gone.  But it wasn’t forgotten.  The internet came along and Scream! was remembered by a website called Back From The Depths.  This showed that people still remembered the legendary comic.

Then in 2007, David McDonald of Hibernia Books began a project to re-release some of those old stories.  The Thirteenth Floor was first, followed by compilations of Library of Death (including A Ghastly Tale) and The Dracula File.

The rights to the old Scream! material were then bought out by Rebellion,  who began releasing their own material including their own Dracula File release  and a complete run of Monster.  They then published new material as part of two combined specials with Misty and a whole new volume of The Thirteenth Floor.  And just like that, Scream! was back from the dead.



I created this site for the same reasons that I created The Judge Death Files.  I wanted a complete guide to all the issues, specials and appearances.  I also wanted a reason to go back and re-read everything.  Including those stories that I used to skip such as Tales From The Grave (although you’ll notice that we don’t bother with Fiends and Neighbours but that’s a deliberate choice).

This site aims to eventually cover everything.  The initial 15 issue run, the five specials, the Hibernia content and the new Rebellion releases.  Also, it will be pulling together all the interviews and resources that are out there into one place.



This site was made possible thanks to the following online resources.

Comic Vine – Very useful resource that provided a lot of information for this site.   Shout out to ‘Ian Beale’ for his amazing work in maintaining Scream!‘s presence there.

Hibernia Comics – David McDonald’s excellent work in bringing Scream! back to life shouldn’t be underestimated.

Back From The Depths – No longer maintained but this site has some very useful scans and is a real labour of love.

2000 AD Forum – The helpful folks at the 2000 AD Forum have been contributing on this thread.

Down The Tubes – John Freeman’s excellent site is always first with news about new Scream! releases.



Thrill-Cast (Podcast) – an interview with Ian Rimmer who was the Editor of Scream!

A Very British Horror (Podcast) – a couple of chaps discuss Scream! for over an hour.  From 2016.