Best of Eagle Monthly #2


Published:  June 1988

The Thirteen Floor was one of two Scream! stories to survive the merger with Eagle, along with Monster, but before the merger, we were left on a cliffhanger.  Max’s controller, Jerry, had just met Wally Skegg, an intimidating thug who was demanding protection money.  This, of course, marked him out as prime thirteenth floor fodder but fans would have to wait three months for the story to continue (in Eagle #128).

Max’s adventures would continue for a few years but in 1988, Rhe Best of Eagle Monthly #2 would compile a few of those early stories together.  It’s a slightly odd collection though as it misses a few stories out.  Still, this is classic Thirteenth Floor material and something of a rarity these days.  You’ll be looking on eBay if you want to pick this up but they don’t show up very often unfortunately.

As this issue was all reprints, the only ‘new’ thing was a message from Max on the inside cover which we’ve scanned and placed at the bottom of this article for you.   At this point in Eagle’s run, Max had taken over as the editor of the comic which is why he’s described as Max, the Computer Editor.

This volume was also notable for using the ‘lost’ cover that was intended to be used for Scream! #18 which was based on one of the stories included here in The Best of Eagle Monthly #2.



Episodes 1 to 7 from issues #1 to #7 of Scream!  (note:  the final page of episode seven is removed for continuity).

Episodes 14 to 15 from issues #14 and #15 of Scream!

Episodes 16 to 22 from Eagle #128 to #134.

Source:  Comic Vine

The inside cover of Best of Eagle Monthly number 2 which had a message from Max

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