Incoming: 40 Years of Scream!

Yes, we’ve been pretty quiet for the last couple of years since we finished cataloguing everything we could find in the Scream!verse.  But we probably should have mentioned this interesting curio.  40 Years of Scream! was announced in the summer (did we actually get a summer?!) with a small announcement that read as follows.


Celebrating 40 years since IPC launched the UK’s most iconic ‘horror’ anthology, this single volume collects all of the strips included in the 15-issue run of Scream!

Produced ‘from the depths’ of King’s Reach Tower by the mysterious ‘undead’ editor Ghastly McNasty, the first issue of Scream! was unleashed on 24th March 1984. More tongue-in-cheek than horrific, the comic was an immediate hit with younger fans as it included a pair of fake vampire fangs attached to the cover and a number of fantastic new strips from such talents as Alan Moore, John Wagner, Jose Ortiz, Cam Kennedy, Tom Tully, Alan Grant and Eric Bradbury.”

Initially priced at an eye-watering £70, the price has since dropped to a much more sensible £45 but you can beat that over at Amazon who have it on pre-order for £41.40 with WHSmith also matching that price.

Beyond that, details are pretty scant at the moment with the word being that it’s just the original fifteen comics being represented and none of the Holiday Specials.  And there’s no word on how they’ll be reprinting things but we’re hoping they’ve some good quality source material rather than the mummified toilet paper versions that we’ve all got rotting away in our cupboards.  Of course, in this age of collecting, storing and re-selling later, we’re guessing a lot of buyers won’t want to break the spine on their copies.  We’re ready to go cover to cover on this one though, even if we’ve read it all before.

Anyway, it’s slated for release in April 2024.

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