Scream! Comic Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the Scream comic buyer’s guide.  While Scream! only had a short run, this does make it a relatively easy comic to collect.  However, if you want everything related to the comic, there has been a fair bit of recent activity.  Some items you can still buy from licensed retailers but others will require setting up your eBay alerts.  That said, not much of Scream!‘s history should cost you too much apart from some fairly rare items.  Finding anything in mint condition is tricky though as the original comics were printed on very low quality paper and newsagents were fond of writing your name on them if you had them reserved.

Issue #1 1984 Depending on condition, these have gone from as little to £5 to as high as £18 without the free plastic fangs that came attached.   Expect to pay a lot more with those attached but eBay hasn’t seen any of those in a while.
Issue #2 1984 Expect to pay around £5 for this issue (although it has been known to go for up to £9 depending on quality).

Recently, a copy with the free plastic spider attached went for £21.05 (with five bids).


Issues #3 – #15 1984 The remaining issues go from around  £4 to £10 depending on condition.   A few of those seem to be ones where people offered less than the asking price on eBay so bargains are possible.
Sets 1984 The last complete set of these went for £41 in somewhat battered condition.

However, other sets in better condition have gone for good money.

(2, 3, 4, 6) – £21

(2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 14) – £33

(1-8 in good condition) – £57.75

(1-6) – £35

1985 Holiday Special 1985 These go from £15 to £25 with condition not seeming to be a big part of the price.  These are quite rare but still the most common of the specials as the fanbase was still there for the comic when this came out.
1986 Holiday Special 1986 As these start to get rarer, expect to pay more.  This issue has gone from £24 to £37 with the latter described as ‘good condition.’
1987 Holiday Special 1987 This issue tends to stay around the £24 mark.  But doesn’t come up very often.
1988 Holiday Special 1988 The last true Scream! special goes from £24 to £35 depending on condition but shows up very infrequently.
1989 Spinechillers Holiday Special 1989 Given that the core audience was now five years older, this won’t have sold all that well.  Especially as it didn’t look or feel like a Scream! release at all.  As such these are pretty rare.  There’s only one recent record of a sale on eBay, and someone got a bargain there for £20, but these do usually go for more.
Eagle #128 to #153 Sept 1984 – Feb 1985 When Scream! merged with Eagle, it still had some small billing on Eagle’s cover for 26 issues.   These issues really don’t command much of a fee at all (I sold mine last year at around £1 per issue as a job lot).

(Note: Eagle 145 is the only issue to feature a Scream! story on the front cover).

Eagle #154 to #158 1985 Despite losing its cover billing, Scream’s two continuing stories, The Thirteenth Floor and Monster, were still going.  Monster would eventually end in issue #158 before continuing as a series of text-only stories in the Holiday Specials.
Eagle #159 to #258 Apr 1985 – Feb 1987 The Thirteenth Floor would be the only remaining Scream! story to keep going.  In total, the story got 146 episodes which is pretty impressive but he did get progressively less good throughout his run in Eagle.

The Thirteenth Floor would be featured on the following covers in this run:  176, 195, 240, 249, 252 and 257 before his story was ended in 258 and he was used as the ‘editor’ of Eagle for a while.  Max would also appear on the cover of 185 dishing out presents as part of a giveaway.

Eagle Holiday Special 1986 June 1986 This holiday special features a Thirteenth Floor story (The Bank Job) and a feature where Max tells you your ‘horror scope.’  Goes for next to nothing on eBay.
Eagle Annual 1987 Aug 1986 This annual contains a one-off episode of The Thirteenth Floor.  It’s not essential buying but you can easily get it for £3 on eBay.
Best of Eagle Monthly #2 June 1988 This compilation of stories from The Thirteenth Floor is quite random.  It features the first seven stories (from Scream! #1 to #7), then the last two from Scream! (#14 to #15) and the seven more from when Eagle and Scream! merged (Eagle #128 to #134).

Something of a rarity, this one but prices do vary.  It recently went in a lot of three issues for £5 but can fetch up to £20.


Check out their latest news over at the Hibernia Comics Facebook page.

The Thirteenth Floor Volume 1 2007 This had a pretty low print run and was eventually reprinted.  It may have some rarity value but there was more content in the official Rebellion Thirteenth Floor Collection and so demand for this version might be low.  Keep an eye out of eBay as this is long since out of stock.

Contains episodes 1-11 of The Thirteenth Floor and the one from the 1985 Holiday Special.

The Thirteenth Floor Volume 1 (Reprint) 2014 A reprint of the previous release in readiness for volume 2.  Again, eBay is your best bet.  Prices are hard to estimate.


The Thirteenth Floor Volume 2 2014 Hibernia’s follow up collection of Thirteenth Floor stories is also out of stock and hard to find.

Contains episodes 12-27.

Best of Library of Death 2014 This compilation of Library of Death and Ghastly Tale stories is also out of stock.
The Complete Dracula File 2015 A complete run of episodes of The Dracula File from the original 15 issue run and the four specials.  As with The Thirteenth Floor, this has since had an official reprint from Rebellion.

One of these sold on eBay for £28 in Feb 2020 (albeit is part of a charity auction).


It’s Ghastly 2016 Good luck finding a physical copy of this but David does sell digital versions via his Facebook page.
Monster (2016) This complete run of Monster episodes shows up a lot on eBay and usually goes for £20-£25.  Physical editions are out of stock.
The Dracula File (2017) A complete collection of episodes of The Dracula File.  This usually goes for £25+ on eBay.  Physical editions are out of stock.

A paperback version is now on sale.  Get it from the 2000 AD shop.

Scream and Misty #1 Scream and Misty – Special 1 (2017) Out of stock but dirt cheap on eBay.
Scream and Misty – Special 2 (2018) Out of stock but dirt cheap on eBay.
The Thirteenth Floor – Vol 1 (2018) Out of stock but dirt cheap on eBay.
The Thirteenth Floor – Home Sweet Home (2019) Out of stock but dirt cheap on eBay.
Judge Dredd Megazine 417 (2020) Includes a supplement which compiles all episodes of The Nightcomers and Terror of the Cats.

Get it from the 2000 AD shop.

Scream and Misty – Special 3 (2020) Get it from the 2000 AD shop.