Scream! comic – Issue 10


Published:  26th May 1984

Issue 10 of Scream! gave Dracula his second cover and his story starts to get interesting as a vampire hunter finally tracks him down.   Monster, Thirteenth Floor and Nightcomers all had solid outings but oddly there were very few kills in this issue.  In fact, from the main four serials, only Dracula got a kill but even that guy got turned in a vampire.

Tales From The Grave did see one kill though as it made its way through another anthology tale.  While elsewhere, Library of Death kind of underperformed with an overly long tale with a fairly weak payoff but Ghastly Tale riffed on another Creepshow-inspired tale which, interestingly, wrapped around onto the back cover.  It’s not often that Library of Death is outdone by a Ghastly Tale effort so there’s some rarity value there.





The Dracula File –  Agent Stakis arrives in London and investigates a burglary where a coffin was stolen.  This leads him to the hotel where Dracula and his two slaves are staying.  However, a third slave outside spots Stakis and attempts to kill him.  Stakis pours water on him and escapes.

Back in Dracula’s room, the slave reports what happened.  Dracula realises that it is holy water that he was doused with and knows that a vampire hunter is onto him.  He abandons the room but leaves one of his slaves behind.  When Stakis arrives to investigate, it turns out Dracula has set a trap and the slave is now a fully-fledged vampire.

The Nightcomers – Beth and Rick begin to drown in a tidal wave of blood that is coming from Raven’s Meet, the haunted house that killed their parents.  However, Beth, who now understands that she’s psychic AF, realises that this is all an illusion.  She convinces Rick and suddenly the blood is gone.  She’s depleted but she also senses that the house, or at least whatever is in it, is too and so she goes inside while Rick goes back to the car.

The house shows that it’s pissed off at Beth by giving all the portraits there a moody face but for now she is safe.  Unlike Rick who is knocked out by Simon Cutler, the man who set up their parents, and Aldo, his deformed assistant.

The Thirteenth Floor – When a ceiling at Maxwell Towers collapses due to a leak and puts one of Max’s residents in hospital, Max contacts the plumber, a Mr. Hamish Campbell, and demands that he comes back to fix his shoddy work.   However, when Campbell arrives, he shows absolutely no remorse and so Max decides that he and his assistant, Trev, need to visit the thirteenth floor.

Once they arrive, Max springs a series of leaks, threatening to drown both men before plunging them into darkness.  And then when they are really panicking he removes all the water and sets a big fire going.  As the men try to escape they find that the door handle is faulty.

Tales From The Grave ‘A Fatal Extraction’ – Having murdered rich client George Makepiece, Thomas Thorpe, an evil dentist, and his associate, Grimes, set about burgling the man’s home but it turns out that it is full of occult books and artifacts.

They then hear a noise upstairs.  Grimes goes to investigate and sees a chair moving around on its own as if somehow possessed.  Then he turns around and sees Makepiece, or rather his ghost, and he falls into the chair which then flings itself out of the window.  Grimes is impaled on railings three floors below.

On hearing his screams, Thorpe finds his dead associate and makes a run for it.

Library of Death:  Night of the Cobra – this story is set in Malaysia where a man, Mr. Driscoll, is starting a new job at a laboratory that studies snakes.  However, he soon reveals that he absolutely hates snakes.  The lab’s Director overhears this and warns him not to underestimate the local snakes.

Later, Driscoll discovers a cobra trying to enter his cabin.  He kills it with a fire extinguisher and, all pleased with himself, skins it and uses it to decorate the wall of his bedroom.

The next day he decides to sack off work and ends up sleeping in.  However, a king cobra, looking for his mate, enters the cabin and bites him, killing him instantly.  As Driscoll slumps to his death, he knocks over a lamp, setting fire to the cabin as the cobra slinks away feeling smug.

Monster – We ended the last issue with Kenny believing that Terry was still on a truck that was driving away.  However, when a man is thrown through a window, it becomes apparent that Terry is still at the service station and, more importantly, he has a bad mix of separation anxiety and anger issues.

After smashing up a cafe, Terry is reunited with Kenny and they duck into another truck, this time heading for Scotland.  Meanwhile, the Police’s attitude to Kenny hardens as they believe he’s somehow leading the chaos that Terry is causing.

A Ghastly Tale ‘Goodbye, Uncle George’ – This Ghastly Tale is interesting in that it runs across to the back cover.  The story begins with a scientist, George Ashcroft, being buried.  His unappreciative niece is glad to see him gone and even throws away one of his potions right onto his grave.  However, it’s a ‘life potion’ and when it seeps into the grave, Uncle George makes a surprising return.











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