Scream! comic – Issue 13


Published:  16th June 1984

Scream! made a big deal out reaching their thirteenth issue.  The colourful front cover was devoted to the latest installment of The Thirteenth Floor but the aquatic theme would continue with this issue’s Library of Death too.

Elsewhere, The Nightcomers ramped up the haunted house horror excellently, The Dracula Files decided to do a call back, temporarily dropping the current story for a bit of prequel action (clearly unaware that Scream! would be cancelled in just two weeks’ time) and Monster almost saw Terry beating a blind pensioner to death.

The other stories this week were good also with even A Ghastly Tale managing to produce a decent payoff for once while Tales From The Grave ended another anthology with a solid conclusion also.



The Nightcomers – Back in Raven’s Meet, Beth and Rick are attempting to find the nerve centre of the haunted house.  A disembodied hand attacks Rick and the only way to stop it is for Beth to use her ankh charm.  Well, until Rick twats it with a big stick.

Rick still isn’t buying into the whole ghost thing (exhaustingly) but Beth knows the truth.  He is given a little incentive when a tiger skin rug comes to life and comes clawing at him but eventually Beth and Rick are knocked out by a flying shield before being discovered by Simon Cutler.

Library of Death:  Sea Beast – This two-parter opens at a beach in Australia just as a military vehicle containing radioactive material is driven into the water, contaminating the water and the beach itself.

In a standard ’80s movie style, one guy refuses to stay away and is killed by something with a sort of weird fish head.  The police come to investigate his death and see weird tracks that show the creature has left the area.

We later see a guy in his swimming pool getting attacked by claws coming out of the water.  But then afterwards it returns to the sea where a police inspector and a professor are setting up a trap for it.


The Thirteenth Floor – Council housing officer dickead Mr. Bullock is all at sea on the thirteenth floor and being attacked by sharks.  He finds his way to an island and is pulled into the sand there by a giant crab before promising to change his ways.

Max lets him leave with Bullock and him agreeing that no-one would believe him if he told anyone what happened.


A Ghastly Tale ‘The Escape’ – Having robbed a corpse, killed his boss and hidden in a coffin, undertaker’s assistant Billy White is on his way to America by boat.

On the boat he slips out of hiding to steal some food, leading to him killing a kitchen worker.  He gets back in his coffin but when the coffin is picked up by the crew, he thinks he’s being taken to a private cabin.

Instead he is thrown overboard because his victim was due for a burial at sea.


A Ghastly Tale ‘Unlucky For Some’ – This story eschews the usual child-friendly silliness of the series and instead focuses on a photo album of a child, with narration from the kid himself.

As the kid gets to seven, his life seems to change and by thirteen he’s turned into a weird werewolf/lion sort of monster thing.  It’s actually a pretty good story though.


Monster – Terry is attacked by two guard dogs but when their owner, Mrs. McCrone calls them off she takes pity on Kenny and Terry and invites them in for food.

Thinking they are safe because she is blind, Kenny relaxes but then finds out that she has called the police on them.  Terry of course decides that she needs to die but Kenny chills him out and before long they are back on the road.


The Dracula File –  After his recent run-in with vampire hunter Colonel Stakis, Dracula remembers an encounter in 1892 with another hunter, Alexander Quinn.

Dracula was living in the fictional location Urdstadt and had made enough enemies for the locals to rush his home (eating their families will do that).  While his servants fight off the intruders, Dracula makes his way to the local church where the rest of the villagers are taking refuge.  Unable to go in, Dracula uses his hypnotising power to bring his victims to him.

Hours later, two men arrive, Quinn and his massive assistant Carl, ready to hunt Dracula.















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