The Vigilant – Issue #1 (2018)


Published:  2018

This one is for the completionists as The Vigilant’s links to Scream! are pretty tenuous.  What we have here is a team of superheroes who act as a kind of Avengers type of ensemble but with a more interesting membership.

The various characters in the team all have their roots in old UK comics.  Adam Eterno showed up in Thunder back in 1970, Blake Edmonds first appeared in Speed in 1980 and the rest have shown in 2000 AD and others but Scream! fans had their first introduction in the first Scream! and Misty special when Death-Man got a story (under the Scream! side of the issue).

But the reason that this gets included here is because the team rent their headquarters on a certain 13th floor that we’re very familiar with.  That’s right, Max makes an appearance here as their landlord.   He only gets one panel though, so don’t expect much from his showing.  Thanks to our friend thirteenthcollector for pointing this out to us.



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