The Vigilant – Legacy (2019)


Published:  2019

Following on from us adding The Vigilant #1 to the site, this follow up issue came out a year later and adds more Max to the mix.  As we established before, The Vigilant is a UK all-star superhero squad who are loosely linked to Scream! in terms of their members and history but the reason for their inclusion here is that their HQ is the thirteenth floor of Maxwell Tower.

This issue shows Max a lot more than the last one did, although he still doesn’t get many lines.  But there’s also another Scream! link as the story is set partially at Raven’s Meet and features Beth Rogan, both of which are from The Nightcomers, the strip best known for replacing Terror of the Cats. 

Beth also gets a whole extra page.  Framed as some sort of database entry, this little fact dump on her is a nice inclusion in this episode.

Thanks to our friend thirteenthcollector for pointing this out to us.


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